Mowing the grass? Trimming the edges? Admit it, you have better things to do at the weekend. Royal Grass allows you more time to relax. Royal Grass doesn't require a drop of water. That is not only good for the environment, but will also make a world of difference to your water bills. However brightly the sun shines, however dry it is, Royal Grass always stays a lush green.

A second house is a wonderful luxury. But it could be even more luxurious with Royal Grass. Since you no longer need to mow and water, you'll not need an expensive auto-irrigation system so you'll save 70% of your total water expenses and a great deal of work aswell. A relaxing idea. And that's why you go on vacation, isn't it? Royal Grass. Perfect ground cover of superior quality. Whether you have a large or small garden, a (roof) terrace or a balcony, a sunny garden or one with plenty of shade, Royal Grass looks great anywhere. Have you had enough of real grass or paving? Royal Grass now offers you an alternative fit for a king.

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